Our most important contacts

Head of Department


Deputy Head of Department

Gábor József Béres, PhD 

Mail: beres.gabor@nje.hu

Krisztián Kun (+36 76 516 486)

Mail: kun.krisztian@nje.hu

Secretariat of the Department of Innovative Vehicles and Materials

Csilla Kovácsné Danyi (+36 76 516 481)

Mail: danyi.csilla@nje.hu

Noémi Simon (+36 76 516 481)

Mail: simon.noemi@nje.hu

Education Organisers

Vehicle Technology and Manufacturing Technology Research Group

Zsuzsanna Nagyné Pintér (+36 76 516 382)

Mail: pinter.zsuzsanna@nje.hu

Mechanical and Laser beam Technology Research Group

Edit Johanyák (+36 76 516 372)

Mail: johanyak.edit@nje.hu

Polymer Technology Research Group

Andrea Ádámné Major, PhD

Mail: major.andrea@nje.hu

Accredited Materials Testing and Measurement Laboratory

Head of Laboratory

Gábor József Béres, PhD

Mail: beres.gabor@nje.hu

Quality Management Representative

Pál Hansághy (+36 20 220 2004)

Mail: hansaghy.pal@nje.hu

Assistant Laboratory Manager

Polymer Technology

Attila Bata (+36 76 516 393)

Mail: bata.attila@nje.hu

Assistant Laboratory Manager

Metal Technology

Gábor József Béres, PhD

Mail: beres.gabor@nje.hu

Assistant Laboratory Manager

Measurement technology

Roland Sándor (+36 76 516 382)

Mail: sandor.roland@nje.hu

Additional contact

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6000, Kecskemét, Izsáki út. 10. Térkép

Map of the university

1. Main building

2. GAMF Dean's office

3. Department of Natural Sciences and Engineering (Building 3)

4. Department of Information Technology (Building 4)

5. Library and Information Centre

6. Olga Törös Sports Hall

7. IJAT Mechanical and laser beam technologies research group (Building 7)

8. IJAT Production technology research group (Building 8)

9. IJAT Plastic processing research group (Building 9)

10. Department of Information Technology (Building 10)

11. Campus (Rector's office, Chancellery, GTK)

J. IJAT Vehicle technology research group (Building J)

L. IJAT Mechanical and laser beam technologies research group, Diode Laser Center (Building L)