Dear Prospective Partner!


In line with the industrial profile of our department, we invite you to initiate an industrial placement! In addition to our active development and research processes, our organisation is trying to offer its free capacities to its industrial partners. We have had and still have numerous links with industrial companies in the region and further afield, for which we are constantly carrying out tests and measurements.

Our department has an Accredited Materials Testing and Measurement Laboratory where we can carry out various tests and measurements with accreditation. The results of the tests carried out by the laboratory can be used for material identification, design, construction, manufacturing and damage analysis. The primary objective of the laboratory is to serve all the needs of the surrounding industries and to be a leader in the field. To provide companies with fast, accurate, independent results in an increasing number of test areas.

In addition to these, our department undertakes small series or pilot production and pre-production. Please have a look at our range of instruments.

If you are interested in this form of joint collaboration, please contact our department management or the research team leaders!

Let's create value together!



Department of Innovative Vehicles and Materials