Dear Prospective Partner!


We invite you to initiate an Industrial R&D&I project that fits the research profile of our department!

Currently, our organisation is engaged in a number of active development and research activities in the fields of materials science, manufacturing, laser beam processes, polymer and automotive technologies. We have a number of industrial partners with whom we are currently carrying out market competitiveness enhancing developments through domestic tendering schemes and services!

We have a well-structured team of proposal writers within our department, with whom we can implement the complete technical material and financial planning of the proposal, and support the partner company throughout the submission and completion of the proposal! We are well versed in the functioning of the national tendering systems and the application procedures and requirements of the available funds in order to obtain the funding! Once we have won the grant from the professional and project management side, we support the consortium to deliver the professional tasks efficiently and on time!

Please see our references for a summary of our ongoing and successfully completed projects.

If you are interested in this form of joint collaboration, please contact our departmental management or the research team leaders!

Let's create value together!



Department of Innovative Vehicles and Materials