Department of Innovative Vehicles and Materials


On August 1, 2020, the Department of Materials Technology and the Department of Vehicle Technology merged to form the Department of Innovative Vehicles and Materials, consisting of 4 research groups.

The head of the department

  • 2023 - Gábor József Béres PhD (Head of Department) and Krisztián Kun (Deputy Head of Department)
  • 2020 - Zoltán Weltsch PhD


Department of Vehicle Technology


It was created on 1 July 2011 from the Mechanical Engineering Group. Together with MercedesBenz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. and Knorr-Bremse Brake Systems Kft., the dual training was launched in the same year. The foundations of the automotive engineering training were taken from the alma mater, which serves as the basis for all automotive engineering training in Hungary, with the cooperation and active and effective support of the Faculty of Transport Engineering and Automotive Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology.

The former heads of the department were:

  • 2011 - Prof. László Palkovics PhD
  • 2012 - Piroska Ailer PhD
  • 2013 - Pál Lukács PhD
  • 2019 - Zoltán Weltsch PhD


Department of Materials Technology


It was created in 2011 by the merger of the Mechanical Technology and Plastics and Rubber Technology Groups.

The department was previously headed by:

  • 2011 - Prof. Károly Belina PhD
  • 2014 - Zoltán Weltsch PhD


Institute of Metal and Plastics Processing


Between 2006 and 2011 the departments were merged and continued to operate as an institute. Within this institute, there were three specialised groups: the Machine Technology Group, the Mechanical Technology Group and the Plastics and Rubber Technology Group.


Department of Mechanical Technology


It was founded in 1964 under the leadership of Ferenc Molnár. In 1967, the Mechanical Automation Group was established within the Department, which became an independent department in 1970 under the leadership of Dr. Tibor Lontai.

In 1971, the design work for Building 7 and the welding, heat treatment and plastic forming workshops began.

From 1974, courses in MEO, heating, drawing and welding are conducted within the framework of the Institute for Further Training of the Ministry of Coal and Mechanical Industry.

Former heads of the department were:

  • 1967 - Dr. Tibor Lontai
  • 1970 - Imre Karsai
  • 1975 - Dr. Sándor Kapitány
  • 1987 - Dr. József Danyi (Acting Head of Department in 1976)
  • 1991 - Dr. Mária Berta
  • 1997 - Dr. József Danyi


Department of Plastics Processing Technology


In 1966, it started to operate independently as the Plastics Processing Technology Group within the Department of Mechanical Technology, where teaching started in 1967.

In June 1971, the Ministry of Heavy Industry designated it as a research base for injection moulding technology. In 1976 it joined the K2 Petrochemical Central Development Programme.

In 1979, the R-10 computer terminal was installed, the first of its kind in the College, and experiments in computer process control of injection moulding machines began.

Former heads of the department were:

  • 1970 - Dr. Imre Csikai
  • 1974 - Dr. László Varga
  • 1991 - Dr. Sándor Doubrovszky
  • 1995 - Dr. Tihamér Tóth (acting Head of Department)
  • 2002 - Dr. Károly Belina


Department of Mechanical Engineering


The department was founded in 1964 under the leadership of László Mátay as the Department of Production Technology, but only became the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1970.

In 1974, in order to strengthen the teacher-student relationship, a professional student circle was established in the college. In 1976, it was involved in the National Target Programme for Industrial Development, K-6. In 1978, it underwent an internal renovation, new machine tools and new measuring instruments, which were followed by further large-scale improvements after the change of regime, funded by tenders. The company has developed a network of professional contacts, including universities and research institutes at home and abroad, in addition to industrial companies. Its staff took part in conferences and exhibitions at home and abroad and regularly published in professional journals. The research work resulted in two doctoral theses and three PhD theses between 1980 and 1998. The Department has three national patents and two European patents related to these.

Former heads of the department were:

  • 1964 - László Mátay
  • 1971 - Dr. András Szabó
  • 1973 - Dr. Benedek Molnár
  • 1982 - Dr. András Szabó
  • 1984 - Dr. János Davidesz
  • 1998 - Dr. János Kodácsy


Department of Technology


Teaching started at the Kecskemét Higher Technical School in September 1964. The Technology Department was established under the direction of Ervin Kovács, Deputy Director. In the same year, it was split into two departments: the Mechanical Technology Department under the leadership of Ferenc Molnár and the Production Technology Department under the leadership of László Mátay.