Factory visit to VESZ-MONT 2000 Kft.

On 29 October 2021, we visited the factory of VESZ-MONT 2000 Kft. in Nemesvámos.

On behalf of VESZ-MONT 2000 Kft. we were welcomed by Máté Dobos and Sándor Pató, managing director, who represented Silver Frog Kft. The factory visit took place in the framework of the "Implementation of a unique manufacturing, production service and logistics technology with a novel business model for cost-effective small series production and a highly automated production management system with an industry 4.0 approach" GINOP-2.2.1-18-2020-00030 project.

Máté Dobos gave a complete overview of the company, its structure, parts and the tasks of each part. Afterwards we visited the individual production units and were shown their functions. In the machining plant, Alexander Pató showed us the technology they have designed and built in the spirit of IPAR 4.0, which makes it much easier to see the company's production processes. After a tour of the factories, Sándor Pató presented the programme that enables them to monitor the efficiency of VESZ-MONT Ltd.'s production.

The visit was friendly and we saw and heard a lot of interesting things.