Another cooperation agreement

Dr. Tamás Fülöp, Rector of the University, Mihály Eszes of 3Dee Technologies Hungary, József Varga of Adu Alba and Richárd Szabó of Mahr Magyarország Kft. signed the agreement on joint cooperation. The cooperation with the three companies will mainly concern research and development and higher education activities, which will be of great importance in the field of materials technology. In addition, packaging technology, mechanical engineering, 3D printing and CNC machining will also play an important role.

Another important element of the agreement is that these technologies will be included in university courses, giving students first-hand experience of them. These can provide them with a basis for future theses and dissertations, as well as the possibility of a possible job in a company. The cooperation will also provide the opportunity to build up a number of professional and R&D contacts, all of which will help to strengthen university teaching through their experience in the different fields. The agreements will also significantly enhance the university's role in innovation in the region.

3Dee Technologies Hungary Kft. has been operating since 2013, mainly in the field of 3D printing and scanning, as well as providing consultancy services and sales of equipment for these technologies. Several training courses on the technologies are offered at different levels within the Addictive Academy.

The main profile of Adu Alba Ltd. is the production of wood- and plastic-based packaging technology products. These can be e.g. pallets, plastic vacuum formed products. In addition to manufacturing, they also provide quality services. In addition to their main profile, they also undertake assembly and disassembly, locksmithing, CNC work and have experience in machine tool manufacturing.

Founded in Esslingen in 1861, Mahr has grown over the last 150 years into a family-owned company with a presence in many parts of the world. Its main activity is in the field of production metrology, but it also manufactures high-precision gear and metering pumps as well as ball bearing guideways. Mahr also has a strong presence in the plastics, composites and synthetic fibre industries with its high precision metering solutions.

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