SICT 2022 conference, Barcelona

Zoltán Weltsch, PhD, and Miklós Berczeli attended the Surfaces, Interfaces and Coatings Technologies conference in Barcelona. The conference offered a great opportunity for scientists, researchers and experts in the field of surfaces and coatings science and technologies (polymer, materials and paint chemists, surface and interface scientists, formulators, designers and decision makers) from both academia and industry to present their latest research results and share their insights.


The conference provided an excellent opportunity for scientists from Europe and around the world to meet and discuss the physics and chemistry of surfaces and coatings, surface design/modification, deposition and functionalization of coatings, and the latest advances in investigated properties and performance in related innovation areas such as heterogeneous catalysis, two-dimensional materials and graphene, bio-surfaces, nanoelectronics, bio-nanoscience, functional/energy materials, etc.


Zoltán Weltsch, PhD: The effect of cold plasma and fs-laser generated plasma surface treatment ont the wettability of high strength steel and the strength of overlap bonded joint presented his results on surface modification of automotive high strength steel at Neumann János University. The presentation attracted great interest from the listening audience, as it doubled the bond strength of high strength steel bonded to overlap.


Miklós Berczeli presented his results on the influence of cold plasma surface treatment of HIPS and PA6 based nanocomposite polymers on wetting properties and 2K epoxy and 2K hybrid adhesive joints. In this case, he explains the wetting enhancement and bond strength improving treatments of automotive polymers by cold plasma surface treatment and the underlying material science processes.


We also succeeded in expanding the professional contacts related to our topics. We are in contact with several participants who are doing research on similar topics, extending our EU opportunities.