2021 TDK announcement

TDK themes on GAMF Faculty

How to do a TDK research?


2021 TDK announcement 


Dear enquired people! 

The Annual Scientific Student Associations' Conference (“Tudományos Diákköri Konferencia” - TDK) is organized every year in November. The following links show documents and optional themes, which are essential for the application.  


Application paper

TDK themes this year


TDK themes on GAMF Faculty 


Dear Students! 

The Annual Scientific Student Associations' Conference (TDK) are usually organized at the end of November every year. 

It is recommended to apply in early spring, so you have enough time for research. 

If you feel like you want to do research work and writing a paper, contact any colleague of our university departments. 

Optional theme uploads are in process, but you can apply with own idea also. 


How to do a TDK research? 


1. Choosing a Theme

Do you have a great idea or are u interested in an area of science? Choose one, which you would like to research. If you have no idea, look around the University to get inspiration. 

2. Choosing a Theme leader

If you have a theme, find out which teacher or researcher can help you writing an essay. There are people who choose differently. Asking a sympathetic mentor, whom working together is easy, and they choose a theme together. 

3. Research

The most important part of the TDK. You get to know everything about the theme and find  Do research, that no one tried before, or confirm others theories. 

4. Writing the competition essay

This part takes a lot of time. The essay usually is 20-50 page of publication, which contains results and methodology of the research. Formal requirement of the essay is also important. 

5. Applying for the local Conference

TDK of the GAMF Faculty is organized every year in November, teachers and researchers can help you find the required documents. 

6. Taking part on the local Conference

A quite exciting event: you can present your essay and watch other student’s research work results. The jury, teachers/researchers offer an opinion, judge by points, and give advice, how you could continue the research work. There is a chance that the jury suggest your work for the national conference, than you can move to the next point. If your work is not suggested, than you could work on the research and try again next year. 

7. OTDK (national conference) registration

To apply for OTDK, you need to make a registration on the online OTDT page: https://online.otdk.hu/  

8. Competition essay uploading and appropriate section.

After the local conference upload your work to the online system, and chose the best section, which fits for your research. Hopefully you already know the answer for this, when in the 4. point you read the requirements for the essay. 

9. Applying for OTDK (national conference)

You can apply if your research work is suggested by the local conference jury, and uploaded the essay to the online system in time. The applying period starts from September in every even numbered year and ends at the due date of each section. The due date of each section can be found here: https://otdt.hu/aktualis-otdk. The applying details can be fund in the description of each section: https://otdt.hu/szekcio-felhivasok. 

10. Taking part on OTDK

You can get help from the applying webpage, and Facebook page of the event also. If you are already at the event, it is worth to be there on the 2-3 days of the conference. Attend to other’s presentations, get knew friends and contacts.