2024. július 10.

Kashif Ullah Khan, a professor from India, has joined the Department of Innovative Vehicles and Materials of our university. We wish him every success in his scientific activities!

2023. június 05.

Students from three countries came to the GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Economics to participate in joint professional programmes and internships with Hungarian students.

2023. február 06.

Our university's pride and joy, the Megalux solar racecar, has arrived in Sharjah.

2023. február 01.

We were honoured to host the "Transport of the Future" event, which was part of the Neumann Year.

2023. január 24.

In the cooperation of four different universities in four different countries, a completely new course will start at 2023 Spring. For more info: CLICK

2023. január 16.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications for the Prime Foundryman Camp in July

2022. december 11.

This December, the traditional Technical and Materials Science Conference (MASZK) was held at the John von Neumann University. This December, the traditional Technical and Materials Science Conference (MASZK) was held at the John von Neumann University.

2022. november 23.

In the 2022-2023 academic year, the GAMF faculty's spectacular travelling truck will once again visit a number of secondary schools to help prospective students make career guidance decisions.

2022. október 11.

Our colleagues attended the Hydrogen Dialogue conference in Nuremberg, where they maintained and expanded our university's contacts.

2022. szeptember 27.

The Bolyai Scholarship was established specifically to provide financial support for young talented researchers.

2022. augusztus 11.

To improve the hydrogen fuel cell education and research in our department, our staff visited a partner company abroad.

2022. július 01.

Zoltán Weltsch, Phd, and Miklós Berczeli attended the Surfaces, Interfaces and Coatings Technologies (SICT) conference in Barcelona.

2022. június 27.

A delegation from the United Arab Emirates visited our department for future projects.

2022. június 03.

The IJAT Mechanical and Laser Beam Technologies Research Group visited Slovakia, where the 37th International Colloquium Conference was held. Several excellent publications and presentations were made on the topic "Advanced Manufacturing and Repair Technologies in the Automotive Industry".

2022. május 27.

A digital dental lab, also known as the Additive Manufacturing Laboratory, was inaugurated on Thursday morning at the John von Neumann University.

2022. május 24.

The XXXI International Welding Conference was held in Kecskemét, organised by IJAT.  The conference included 26 presentations in 7 sessions.

2022. május 20.

Hungary's largest business and industry meeting was held between 10-13 May 2022. World brands, market leaders, small and medium-sized enterprises of the Hungarian and international industry presented their products, services, unique solutions and developments.

2022. május 19.

The institute has teamed up with two renowned companies to create a vehicle that can be produced stably, even in the current economic climate, using partly composites.

2022. május 17.

Under the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Programme, colleagues from the Vehicle Technology Research Group met with our Macedonian partner company at the JEC Composites World Exhibition in Paris.

2022. május 13.

From 26-29 April 2022, the 25th edition of the Laser World of Photonics world exhibition took place in Munich. Our department was represented at the event by our colleague Zsolt Könyves.

2022. május 06.

The staff of the Manufacturing Technology Research Group participated in the 30th International Mechanical Engineering Conference in Odorheiu Secuiesc.

2022. május 03.

The BME Welding Department organised the 8th National Welding Competition on 22 April, where 10 teams from 6 universities of the country competed.

2022. február 08.

The cavity pressure measuring system is installed in our injection moulding tool

2021. december 08.

Attila Dunai, a student of Neumann János University, won first place in the #SolidEdge category of the EDGE Vándorkupa 2021 professional award.

2021. december 01.

On Friday, for the third time, our department will host the Technical Conference on Materials Technology and Engineering (MASZK).

2021. december 01.

Attila Dunai, a student of Neumann János University, won fifth place in the Design Challenge 2020 competition.

2021. december 01.

Neumann János University has signed a cooperation agreement with 3Dee Technologies Hungary, Adu Alba and Mahr Magyarország Kft.

2021. november 19.

On 17 November 2021, we held the in-house TDK.

2021. november 15.

On 29 October 2021, we visited the factory of VESZ-MONT 2000 Kft. in Nemesvámos.

2021. november 05.

The XIII. National Materials Science Conference was held at Balatonkenese.