2023. január 24.

In the cooperation of four different universities in four different countries, a completely new course will start at 2023 Spring. For more info: CLICK

2022. február 08.

The cavity pressure measuring system is installed in our injection moulding tool

2021. december 08.

Attila Dunai, a student of Neumann János University, won first place in the #SolidEdge category of the EDGE Vándorkupa 2021 professional award.

2021. december 01.

On Friday, for the third time, our department will host the Technical Conference on Materials Technology and Engineering (MASZK).

2021. december 01.

Attila Dunai, a student of Neumann János University, won fifth place in the Design Challenge 2020 competition.

2021. december 01.

Neumann János University has signed a cooperation agreement with 3Dee Technologies Hungary, Adu Alba and Mahr Magyarország Kft.

2021. november 19.

On 17 November 2021, we held the in-house TDK.

2021. november 15.

On 29 October 2021, we visited the factory of VESZ-MONT 2000 Kft. in Nemesvámos.

2021. november 05.

The XIII. National Materials Science Conference was held at Balatonkenese.